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Program/Activity Registration

The University of Georgia has established a centralized database to track programs and activities serving minors held on and off campus. Program Administrators are asked to answer basic questions about their program or activity and provide 24-hour contact information. Registration also requires certification of compliance with The Policy for Programs and Activities Serving Minors. All programs and activities must be registered, whether University-sponsored or hosted by third parties in University facilities.

Requirement for Registration:  Program Administrators must complete the Program Approval Form and upload this document at the bottom of this registration page.  Note there are two separate forms, one for UGA sponsored programs and one for third party programs.  The UGA Approving Official (Dean, Vice President, Director, or Department Head) must sign the form to indicate the program is approved to take place.  Registration is not complete until the form is uploaded.  If you need assistance in completing this or have questions, contact us at or 706-542-7255.

Program Approval Form: UGA Sponsored Programs

Program Approval Form: Third-Party Sponsored Programs

Program/ Activity is offered by a
*Please be advised that an approved license agreement must be executed, requiring compliance with this Policy as well as indemnification and insurance provisions.
*If recurring, list the start/end date and add “recurring weekly, monthly, etc."
Type of Program/Activity
Location of Program/Activity
Will the Program/Activity provide participants with transportation at any time?
Will the Program/Activity be overnight?
Will the Program/Activity involve use of University laboratories?
Contact Information
Program/Activity Director
Primary Contact
Sponsoring Unit's Dean/Director/VP Name
**NOTE: This Email cannot be the same as the email used for the Certification/Signature email
Please upload your completed Approval Form (listed at the top of this page)
One file only.
2 MB limit.
Allowed types: pdf, doc, docx.
Has program/activity been approved at the Department level?
**NOTE This email cannot be the same as the email in the Additional Confirmation Notification Email