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Minors in Laboratories

1.  Is there a separate policy for minors working in University laboratory settings?

Yes, a policy for minors protection in laboratories has been implemented.  The Policy on Minors (not Acting as Students/Employees) in Research Laboratories, Clinics, and Animal Facilities aims to help ensure the safety and security of minors by designating when they will be allowed to perform research in University laboratories, greenhouses, clinic areas, or animal facilities.  All employees who work with minors in laboratory settings need to review and follow this policy.

2.  Are there exceptions to the policy?

The policy is not required when the minor is a University student or employee.  Additionally, minors are allowed to participate in University programs or science fairs and access and utilize research spaces when specifically invited to do so by the University as part of the program or science fair. In these cases, minors must be made aware of and required to comply with all unit security and access policies and all safety and other directives of the program or science fair and its staff.

3.  Are there additional actions required under this policy?

A University employee desiring to request that a minor be allowed access to specific research spaces under this Policy must initiate the process by filling out the Minor’s Research Access Form.

4.  What are the most critical safety measures when minors are allowed to work in University laboratories?

All minors working in laboratories must:  complete any hazard-specific safety training; the minor must be provided and wear personal protective equipment specific to the hazard, along with instructions for proper use and disposal; and the minor must be supervised at all times while in the facility and never left alone. The intensity of the supervision is expected to increase with increased risk.