Background Checks

1. Who is subject to the background check requirements?

Background checks are required for all program staff, whether paid or volunteer, who work in programs/activities serving minors and who are reasonably anticipated to have direct contact or interaction with minor participants. Background checks must be performed whether the program/activity is hosted by the University or an outside group. Outside groups must certify their compliance with the background check policies when reserving University facilities.

2. How do I arrange for background checks for program staff and volunteers in university-sponsored programs?

Background checks for university-sponsored programs are conducted by UGA Human Resources. To request a background check please call 706-542-2222 and request assistance for a background check.

3. How long does it take to process a background check?

Please allow at least 7 business days. 

4. How often must background checks be performed on program staff and volunteers?

At a minimum, background checks must be performed every three years. However, depending on the nature of the program or activity and the job responsibilities, more frequent checks may be advisable. Please consult with Human Resources with questions regarding the timing of background checks.

5. Who is responsible for ensuring that all background checks have been completed prior to the start of the program?

It is the responsibility of the Program Administrator to ensure that all criminal background checks have been completed.

6. If a program staff member or volunteer joins a program/activity at the last minute for any reason, are they permitted to work before the background check is completed?

No. All program staff, including volunteers, must be cleared to work with minors before a program or activity starts. If the results are delayed, program staff cannot start working or volunteering until he/she is cleared.

7. If I have already had a background check in the last three years, do I still need one under this Policy?

Program Administrators should work with Human Resources to evaluate the need for an additional background check. If you have already had a background check in the past three years, then you may not need a second background check under this Policy. For example, a student who recently submitted to a criminal background check as part of his/her field placement, clinical experience, or student organization may be able to utilize the previous background check for the current program/activity. Record of a background check must be provided and verified before an individual can interact with minors.

8. Who do I contact if I have questions regarding background checks?

A) See UGA Human Resources FAQ page at:; then

B) Contact UGA Human Resources at 706-542-2222.