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Program Operation

1. Where can I find guidance on operating my program/activity in compliance with this Policy?

A checklist on how to comply with the Policy can be found under the “Resources” tab at:

2. What is the appropriate ratio of program staff/volunteers to participants?

The appropriate supervision ratio varies depending on the age of the participants, the nature of the program, and whether the program has an overnight component. Please refer to the American Camp Association guidelines for advisable supervision ratios (

3. What behavior is expected under a program/activity Code of Conduct?

A complete explanation of expected staff/volunteer behavior is available on the sample Code of Conduct form under the “Resources” tab at: Minor participants should also abide by a Code of Conduct, which is also available under the “Resources” tab at:

4. What is the Two-Adult rule?

Generally, at least two program staff or volunteers should always be present with a minor. Approved “one-on-one interactions” may only take place in open, well-illuminated spaces or rooms observable by other adults. If internship interactions take place in labs or offices that other people can access or observe, and other people are in and out of, then department/unit leadership may approve these on a case-by-case basis.