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Training Requirements

1. Who is required to have training?

Training is required for all Approving Officials and program staff, whether paid or volunteer, who are reasonably anticipated to have direct contact or interaction with minors. Training must be performed whether the program/activity is hosted by the University or an outside group.

2. What training is required?

All program staff and volunteers must be trained on mandatory reporter requirements, warning signs of sexual abuse and child molestation, the University’s Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy, and must complete a Staff Code of Conduct. In addition, all program staff and volunteers must undergo training appropriate to the program/activity, including staff and participant codes of conduct; reporting requirements; disability and other accommodations; safety and security protocols; first aid guidelines and medication management; and activities, risks, and responsibilities specific to each program/activity. The Program Administrator is responsible for developing these trainings. More information, including links to training materials, can be found under the “Resources” and “Training” tabs at:

3. How often does the training have to be completed?

Program Administrators can determine how frequently training must occur, but at a minimum, training should be completed every two years.

4. Are program staff or volunteers permitted to work before taking the training?

No. All training must be completed before being allowed to work a program/activity with minors.